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Welcome to the Arceo-Gomez Lab


In our lab we are interested in evaluating the ecological and evolutionary consequences of plant-animal interactions. Current research in our lab aims to understand the processes and mechanisms that allow plant coexistence, flowering overlap and pollinator-sharing in diverse plant communities. Our research covers broad topics such as plant biology, community ecology, pollination biology and floral and mating system evolution. If you are interested in knowing more about our work please check out the research page.

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Latest Lab News

May 2023

We embark in our third field season in California to study plant-pollinator interactions, floral scents, nectar microbiome pollen transfer and much more!!

Emma Moore and David Rockow succesfully defended their MSc thesis, congratulations and we will miss you!!

April 2023

A new study evaluating selection on intra-individual variation led by collaborators

Isis Paglia and Leandro Freitas was accepted in Flora!

August 2022

Travis Watson Masters Thesis has been accepted for publication in Ecosphere!

Our newest paper lead by C. Albor evaluating the role of flower color and phenology in community assembly has been accepted in Functional Ecology

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